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    Gas/Electric Partnership
The principal focus of the Gas/Electric Partnership is planning of gas/liquids infrastructure from the wellhead through transmission, with emphasis on compression facilities. Gas pipeline interfaces with power are especially important. Gas is a major fuel for electric power generation and electricity is used to drive gas compressors.    

The 2019 Gas/Electric Partnership Conference XXVII will be held in Houston, February 6-7, 2019.
Mark your calendar. The agenda is here, and to register please
click here.

Gas pipeline planners and engineers will debate systems opportunities and challenges, energy storage, renewables, and compression optimization and selection. Call KT Ronshausen 281.407.4307 for registration info and 713.529.3216 for program info.


The 2018 Gas/Electric Partnership conference XXVI was held January 31-February 1, 2018 at Kinder Morgan and CenterPoint Energy towers, Houston. View and download the final agenda and presentations below:

Highlights of the program are sessions on the future of natural gas, gas pipeline systems developments, regional growth of renewables and growing requirements for deliverability of gas, Permian infrastructure, and advances in gas compression and drivers. For a list of underwriters and presentations which can be downloaded, click here.

Themes and highlights of the conference with presentations:

  Pipeline Systems Outlook
      The future of North American natural gas and pipelines by IHS/Markit, Deloitte Services, McKinsey & Co and
      How Williams, TransCanada, Kinder Morgan, and Boardwalk Pipeline are dealing with change

         Gas Supply for Power - renewables are growing as a share of power demand putting pressure on gas deliverability as the sun goes down
              and wind stops blowing

              Regional Impact of Renewables - the view from senior executives of Western Electricity Coordinating Council, California ISO, ERCOT,   
              and North American Reliability Council 

              Gas Pipelines and Storage Deliverability Roundtable Moderated by Anders Johnson, Kinder Morgan featuring TransCanada, PAA Natural Gas Storage,
              Haddington Ventures, LLC, Crestwood Midstream, and Williams

         Permian & Midstream Infrastructure

            Permian Outlook & Management of Water in Oil/Gas Production    

        Compression and Drivers

           Strategies for compression/driver selection
            Advances in equipment and
            Vibrational analysis




Archives of presentations at past annual Gas/Electric Partnership conferences are available for downloading.

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